Introduce My self ^^

Hi I'm just wanna to tell you about my ( not to important ) self

My name is widya ( real name ) but I'd love to call my self Sora
And I'd love if you call me Sora to.

I'm an Indonesian

I'm born at 1994 so you can predict my age now

Fact about me XDD :
  • I'm just an ordinary school girl
  • I really love SUPER JUNIOR so I'm an E.L.F
  • My favourite member in SJ is Yesung ( the VOICE OF ART )
  • My OTP is YEWON ( but I'd like to read Yesung with other SJ member
I haven't posted my works here but someday I promise I'll post it to my journal
Hope you'll get along with me ^^

P.S : I didn't beta my writing. I'm sorry if I make many mistake i
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    DBSK - Picture of You